Multimedia Projects

1. Midlands Technical College English Department's YouTube channel. With a team of faculty and staff from the MTC library, Humanities Department, Student Life and Media Services, I wrote, directed and produced ten lessons introducing students to academic honesty, using library resources, and writing with sources in MLA style. 

2. These videos include book talks, a student project / book trailer that I guided, an author study that I created for a graduate course in young adult literature, a critical reading tutorial for graduate students, a Google Drive/Docs tutorial for faculty, instructional videos, an oral history project in progress for the National Endowment for the Humanities, samples of my college English students' work, and videos that I present at professional conferences.  


3. Above is one of my vokis, which I have used to introduce myself to my online classes and add some fun. Some of my students have chosen to introduce themselves with vokis, too.   

4. Above, I am telling a story to first-graders for Library Programming for Children and Young Adults. After the story, the children made animalitos, which are inspired by the Oaxacan fantasy animals called alebrijes. The password to see the video is slis754. 


Websites, Online Resources, Wikis, and PowerPoints

I managed my school's website. 

 Interactive Google map to help NEH scholars become acquainted.

Using iPads, Windows Paint, and Animoto, my RTI group made this winning book trailer for a district multimedia contest. 

Online flyers for communicating with my schools

Instructional video

I created and manage my library's website and create research guides for the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary at Lenoir-Rhyne University.

Students created avatars for class introductions

Online books, music, activities

LR LTSS Technology Presentation.pdf LR LTSS Technology Presentation.pdf
Size : 1035.712 Kb
Type : pdf
IndustrialRevolutionResources2.pdf IndustrialRevolutionResources2.pdf
Size : 77.543 Kb
Type : pdf
Nocturnal Animals Slide Show.pdf Nocturnal Animals Slide Show.pdf
Size : 790.658 Kb
Type : pdf
Make Beliefs Comix.pdf Make Beliefs Comix.pdf
Size : 882.692 Kb
Type : pdf

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